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The Ontario-Quebec boundary has prepared a provincial checkpoint due to the public being restricted 

Published on 06th May, 2021 by Paragon Legal Services 

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have begun preparing stops along the Ontario-Quebec boundary to limit the public crossing provinces and transmitting the Covid-19 virus across the country. The restrictions may not see Canadian citizens getting more traffic tickets, but it would help limit the spread of the virus through inter-provincial travel. 

After the government of Ontario announced restrictions on activities and gatherings on April 17th, 2021, the provincial police have stepped in to halt the spread of the virus in Ontario by questioning drivers and stopping them across borders. 

The Ontario police will also be stopping vehicles to screen drivers and passengers who may be breaching the stay at home orders issued by the federal and provincial governments. Only persons who are travelling for essential reasons will not be refused entry in Ontario by the police. 

These exceptional reasons include essential workers coming in Ontario for work, medical care, transportation of goods and the exercise of Treaty rights for indigenous persons. It was already published by the provincial government that Ontario police would have the authority to stop motorists and individuals who left their home for non-essential purposes. 

New restrictions in Ontario saw the implementation of several laws including the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, the Re-Opening of Ontario Act and the federal Quarantine Acts. The Ontario police may be able to issue certain tickets to drivers and citizens based on the reason they are breaking the stay at home orders. 

Some individuals may receive fines ranging for $750CAD to $1000CAD depending on if they are gathering or breaking the order in general. Further to this, citizens and drivers can face up to a maximum fine of $10,000CAD if found guilty on conviction. 

If issued with a ticket or fine, a citizen should employ the help of a qualified attorney or legal professional. 

The municipal by-law office can assist the public with questions and reports. However, if a ticket or fine is issued, it is best for citizens to consult a professional to discover what legal recourse they have, what they may be liable to pay and what their options are in the provincial court. 

During the pandemic and following the new provincial and federal guidelines, the public is advised to assist their communities in any way to help stop the spread of the virus. The support efforts of citizens is vital for the authorities to clamp down on the wave of destruction in the path of the pandemic as measures continue to be implemented every day. 

For help if you are issued a traffic ticket, fine or need to speak with a qualified professional concerning a police ticket, contact an experienced attorney for proper legal advice. 

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