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A new bill has been introduced by the government of Ontario that may enforce stricter driving penalties for students who perform traffic violations such as speeding or stunts. Vehicles can also be impounded for longer periods of time and licenses can also be suspended for lengthier periods.



Roadside vehicle impoundment

Increase in time from 7 to 14 days

roadside licence suspension

Increase from 7 to 30 days

post-conviction licence suspension

Lifetime ban for 4th infraction

threshold for street racing

Above 40km/h over limit where posted limit is less than 80km/h

The new law has come as a result of the spike in stunt racing across Ontario over the past year. Further to this, police in Ontario have been given temporary authority within the past few weeks to stop vehicles and ask their reasons for leaving their homes in an effort to enforce the stay-at-home orders implemented. The Solicitor General's Department announced in April that the police would be given the authority in order to temporarily enhance the duration of the government order due to the spread of Covid-19.

Non-compliance with the order may see the driver issued with a ticket although the provincial government is yet to specify exactly what types of fines may be issued. However, under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, the penalty for non-compliance with the stay-at-home order can be at least $750.00 CAD. Travelers from other provinces such as Manitoba and Quebec will also be barred from entering into Ontario unless they are doing so for an essential purpose.

Citizens should be aware however that the police service intend to review the orders and keep citizens updated as to how they intend to implement these measures.

These decisions have been of serious concern to some persons in authority such as the Toronto Mayor who stated that he would review the regulations carefully with the medical officer of health and the Police Chief to ensure there are no arbitrary stops by police.

The decision has been criticized by some persons who claim that the government may be violating some Constitutional rights while the response has been praised by others who say that they have a social responsibility to protect all of their citizens. 

Especially during a novel time like the past two years and dealing with a virus that continues to spread one year onward from when it first broke out.

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