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When you get a traffic ticket it can affect your insurance negatively


Published by Ontario Traffic Tickets and Points 21st June, 2021

All traffic tickets can affect your rate of insurance, but depending on the type of traffic ticket your insurance premium or rate may not go up. It can however have a bearing on the type of coverage you get in the future. Tickets issued by police officers for traffic offences are categorized as minor, major and serious convictions. 

Getting what is known as a major speeding ticket - issued for driving over the speed limit by 50 km/h or more, two or more speeding tickets in a relatively short space of time and other types of speeding tickets could definitely have a negative effect on your insurance.  

Most insurance providers may have their own policies on how they treat with traffic violations in relation to the insurance coverage. In some instances serious conviction tickets can inflate your rates by one hundred percent for each offence. Major infractions would see your premium rise by about twenty five t percent for each infringement.

Minor breaches of the traffic laws may not have an impact on your rate but any discounts you would have been entitled to may be removed. Some insurance companies may still want to impart as much as twenty percent increase for each minor traffic ticket, such as running a red light or breaking a stop sign.

Speeding tickets from other provinces as well as some states in America can also affect your insurance. With advancement in technology, tickets issued outside of Ontario, in any of the Canadian provinces or territories, will be put onto your driving abstract. It will be recorded as an out of province violation. You will not be immune from the fines. If you do not pay the fines, it will go to collections.

Likewise if you are issued with a ticket across the US border in the states of Michigan and New York the information will be forwarded to your province’s licensing authority. If you receive such tickets and have not paid it, contact our specialist for advice.

You may be considered a high risk driver is you receive too may convictions. Becoming a high risk driver could start from as little as three traffic tickets. It is under the insurance company’s discretion to refuse to issue or renew your policy if they think you a liability. It is up to you if this happens to redirect your business elsewhere. Contact our legal expert if you think you are being victimized against getting insurance.

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