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Demerit points are applied to your driverís license for certain traffic infractions


Published by Ontario Traffic Tickets and Points 18th June, 2021


The demerit point system was introduced to help curb the flouting of traffic laws by drivers. You do have demerit points on your license. You start at zero and accumulate demerit points of differing values when you commit particular traffic offenses.  

The demerit points you accumulate remain on your driving record for a period of two years. Depending on how many points you have gained within this two year period, you may lose your driverís license.  

All drivers, whether new or fully licensed, who infringe Ontarioís Highway Traffic Act will face punishment which gets more rigid with each related offence. Demerit points begin at 2 and can reach as high as 7 points depending on which laws are breached.

When you violate driving laws in the states of New York and Michigan and other Canadian provinces and territories, you can also accumulate demerit points on your Ontario driverís license. Contact our expert legal consultant to help resolve this issue.

The escalating penalty program include breaking graduated licensing rules; careless driving and street racing, to name a few. If you are subjected to a court-ordered suspension for an offence, and you disobey, you may have still have the original points applied to your record. 

Consequences for new drivers depend on the amount of demerit points for each offence.  2 to 5 points - you will receive a warning letter; 6 to 8 points - a second warning letter encouraging you to improve your driving performance.


9 or more points - your license will be suspended for 60 days, after which you will receive a letter from the Ministry of Transport informing you of the effective date of suspension and advising you to surrender your license.

If first time offenders do not surrender their driverís license, they will be suspended 30 days for a first offence; 90 days for a second offence and for a third offence they will lose their novice license. Then you will have to start the process all over again, including the written and road tests, as well as the eye exam.

Demerit points for fully licensed drivers differ slightly. You will be sent a warning letter for 2 to 8 points; a second warning letter imploring you to improve your driving skills for 9 to 14 points; however for 15 points or more your license will be suspended for 30 days.

You will receive a letter from the Ministry of Transportation informing you of the date your suspension would take effect and to surrender your license. If you do not concur you can lose your license for up to two years. Contact Ontario Traffic Tickets and Points if this occurs.


Fully licensed drivers in more than one class, who are not residents of Ontario, and accumulate between six to eight demerit points, will have a notice mailed to their last known address according to ministry records, by the Registrar, signifying the number of points applied to his or her record.

If you have accumulated demerit points on your driving record, or had your license suspended contact our professional legal team at Ontario Traffic Tickets & Points for advice.

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